Introduction of IC
IC CHAIN is a professional research and development organization dedicated to the area of block chain consumption and internet of things, which is built by the global operation center of IC international payment chain and established by a team with rich experience in block chain development research. We are committed to creating more consumption application scenarios for the vast number of users and providing convenient, fast, confidential and reassuring consumption experiences. Based on a profound understanding of the block chain industry, IC platform adheres to the business philosophy of decentralization and creates a better investment choice for the vast number of investors.
Innovative idea

Block Browsing

All the data at the front and back ends are reflected in your wallet. Through your wallet, you can see the status of IC coins in the entire market, including circulation, mining volume and destruction volume.

Mall interface

With an independent shopping mall, you can put your own products on it directly. At the same time, this shopping mall can also introduce all the shopping malls outside. The function of the shopping mall is actually a process of destruction.

Calculating mining

The mining model is used to show his calculating power. All the coins dug up, including your local currency, need to be released to finish. The static release of all wallets is 0.5 %.

Community link

If you want to increase your volume of release, you can go to the community link and speed up your wallet release through the performance of the small link area.

Super wallet

Distributed account create a secure and trusted business environment for users;

High concurrent transactions, mass data storage, modular design, complete tool set and extensive scene support help users realize business functions quickly.

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Introduction of core team

ean-Yves Sireau

Jean-Yves Sireau is the founder of the company. He is a born diversified entrepreneur. His first company was established in 1991. Due to his extraordinary achievements, he was awarded Foundation Jacques Dounce for the young entrepreneur by French Prime Minister Edith Cresson at the age of 21 and Neuilly Professions prize by then-future French president Nicolas Sarkozy. Jean-Yves Sireau established Fortitude Fund Management Hedge Fund Management Group in 1993, and established in 1999 (the former name was

Joanna Frendo

Joanna oversees the procedural and regulatory compliance of various licensing jurisdictions of the group. In addition to monitoring key sectors of the group, such as payment and customer account management, Joanna has been a member of the Malta Institute of Management since 1999, with a diploma in financial services operations and regulatory compliance, and a Graduate Diploma on financial crimes compliance from international law compliance association.

Jim Mellon

Jim Mellon is a well-known and successful entrepreneur. He started his career as a fund manager and now he invests in many areas, including biomedicine, real estate, mining and information technology. Jim ranked 140 on the Rich List of “Sunday Times” with a net worth of 920 million pounds and served as the director of several public companies. He is the founder and largest shareholder of Regent Pacific Group, which is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, which started investing in in 1999.

Nabeel Amjad

Nabeel is a software developer who has been keen on the research of block chain technology when block chaining technology has just started. He is currently responsible for maintaining the back-end system and server infrastructure. In addition, he is responsible for maintaining Trackr's smart contract code and further developing smart contracts to better integrate Trackr into the block chain.

IC Business School

IC block chain business school is to promote the circulation of talents in the world block chain economy, and to promote the value transfer of the economic information of the world block chain, and make the block chain economy enter a more effective and balanced development stage.

As an academic organization relying on China’s E-Commerce Association, IC block chain business school will bring information knowledge with great value and effect to the world, and will also provide a platform for talent exchange and knowledge sharing for the development of block chain in the world.

The business school will stand on a global level, closely integrate with the new pattern of world economic development, and jointly promote the application and development of global block chain technology.

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